About Ultra Mega Rad

Ultra Mega Rad unites maximum awesome designs with superior material, creating the ultimate apparel experience. 

Based in Beverly Hills, California, Ultra Mega Rad's "Look Rad, Feel Rad®" philosophy turbo-drives every element of the brand– from performance power fabrics that merge functionality and total comfort, to timeless designs that embody the essence of fun and other-dimensional vision.

Made for movement, styled for awesomeness, Ultra Mega Rad is feeling and originality maxed out to a whole new level. 


This is Dave. Dave started Ultra Mega Rad because a leveling up of his gym and music festival attire was mandatory; he needed tank tops with ridiculously sweet designs made of absolutely primo material. At the time, such tank tops existed only in Dave's imagination, so Dave activated his artistic energy core® and created designs to match his epic vision. Dave then went on a journey to find a 100% U.S.A.-based manufacturer capable of producing these dream tanks. After completing this semi-heroic quest, the overwhelmingly positive response to Dave's new apparel impelled him to start an entire line of inspirado-fueled athleisure wear, and thus was Ultra Mega Rad invented! The full origin story has more cosmic explosions and laser grids, but this "About" section only has so much space.